Atmosphere 14 | ______ + HOUSING Symposium

Event Date: February 4, 2022
Symposium Website:

__________ + HOUSING: Living Together Again

“‘Living together’ is arguably the most ancient task of architecture and the built/designed environment and is becoming the single most challenging and complex topic as we move towards the post-pandemic paradigm. 

Atmosphere 14 | __________ + HOUSING, the 14th annual symposium at the Faculty of Architecture, University of Manitoba, invites projects and discussions that questions the status quo practice and understanding of housing and speculates how we could live together again. What are the new and emerging normalities? What are the parameters of the living realigned through the pandemic? How can we live together with land and with each other? How dense can we live together; with whom or with what? How long can or should we sustain our living in a region/context, at what cost? What/how can we rethink/reform housing based on what we are experiencing?

The symposium invites projects and discussions that respond to living together again within the present/projected contexts of the post-pandemic world(s). Through the lens of housing, the symposium will examine and imagine emergent ideas and issues related to lifestyle, density, spatial typologies, history & theory, technology & construction, policy & development, regions and territories, environmental strategies and science, social and health parameters, and so on.”

Elastic Poche: Pliable Bubble Diagrams

“Interior spaces have been given greater focus over the past two years as the pandemic reshaped the immediate layers that surround us. Thresholds have been re-evaluated in response to one’s personal bubble, drawing into question where boundaries begin and end. This talk will look at pliable layers and surfaces that wrap and surround us, including the conceptual bubble that expands and contracts to accommodate one or many, altering our understanding of enclosure.”

Descriptions from University of Manitoba website.

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